Power Wash: Mission Panama, Part 2

2017-06-07 18.08.06

Wow! It has been a very busy couple couple of day. We worked from 8 am to sun down on Monday and Tuesday, and finished up power washing the last house Wednesday around 5 pm. We washed about 20 houses plus 2 church buildings (we washed the United Methodist building as well as our own).

We were able to serve our community and express the love of Christ to them. We had many gospel conversations as we went. We were able to serve widows and single moms and other families in our community. This was a great opportunity to share the love of Jesus.

Thank you to Ken, Cindy, and Sadie Wilson, Country Church of Southern Illinois, Jay Miller, and Jacob Nelson from Victory Baptist Church in Mendota, Illinois.  They came and served with us to do something we could not have done by ourselves. And thank you to Sally Spensburger, Jane Worstell, Julie Dothager, Terry File (my mother), and Amy File (my wife) for working so hard on providing meals while the team was here. And thank you to Franklin Baptist Association for allowing us to use a disaster relief shower trailer so our team had a place to clean up each day. We couldn’t have done this without the help of all these people.

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